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Why isn’t my FRITZ!Box failing to react to calls?

You may find that your FRITZ!Box answering machine fails to react to calls. Furthermore  your callers may not hear a greeting from the answering machine and will not be able to leave a message. So how do you fix such an issue?

Reducing answer delay or reconfiguring the answering machine


  • Now, select “Telephony Devices” under the “Telephony” menu. Proceed to the next menu.




  • You should now select the “Edit” button (This will look like a pencil) for the desired answering machine. 5


  • From here, select “20 seconds” from the drop-down menu “Accept call after”. This should change the time the answering machine picks up calls.


  • Finally, select the “OK” button. This will save your new answering machine settings.


The answering machine will need reconfiguring if it continues not to react.

Read our guide on how configure an answering machine with a FRITZ!Box here.

If this guide has been unhelpful and you are still experiencing difficulties with your FRITZ!Box, please call us at Wi-Manx support on 641188.