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The wireless system is very flexible in terms of QOS. The QOS employed is based on the system employed by the WiMAX standard, this makes use of service-flows and classifiers.

A classifier will classify the type of traffic based on the protocol, TOS/DSCP bits,  source and destination addresses  (e.g. VoIP to head office). The service flow is used to provide the necessary service guarantees over the wireless infrastructure.

A typical deployment would be as follows;

  • 2Mbps Best-Effort
  • 512Kbps reserved for VoIP traffic to Wi-Manx servers (CBR)

This would give the customer 2Mbps bandwidth in total. If the customer makes any phone calls then a CBR (Constant Bit Rate) of up to 512Kbps is provided. When the CBR isn’t used, it is available for use by the BE profile – the QOS profiles are adaptive.