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What to do if my WLAN connection is interrupted?

There are a number of causes which may be responsible for interrupting your WLAN (Wireless LAN) connection. The following guide will instruct you on how to solve this issue.

Reposition your FRITZ!Box

Attempt to reposition the FRITZ!Box somewhere within your home or office which is unobstructed by furniture. Try to find a central location within your given space which will not be interfered with by other radio waves such as those transmitted from microwaves and baby monitors. Sometimes relocating the FRITZ!Box will reconnect your wireless device to your FRITZ!Box. Note that reinforced or dense walls could also be effecting the wireless environment, and reduce your connection speed.

Reposition your device

Attempt to reposition your wireless device closer to the FRITZ!Box. This is because you may have exceeded the FRITZ!Box wireless range, meaning that you are too far away from the FRITZ!Box for it to connect to your device. By moving the device closer to the FRITZ!Box, you should have better luck achieving connection.

Reconfigure the Automatic Radio Channel Selection Settings

If you have still had no luck connecting back to the FRITZ!Box, then should attempt to reconfigure some of the Automatic Radio Channel Selection setting in the FRITZ!Box user interface. By enabling some of these settings, the FRITZ!Box will be able to automatically select a radio channel (your network) with as little interference as possible.

  • Now select the “Wireless” menu.


  • From the “Wireless” menu, select the menu “Radio Channel”. Proceed to the following page.




  • On this page, enable the “Set radio channel settings automatically (recommended)” option.



  • Simply select the “Apply” button. This will save the new settings.

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If you have followed these steps correctly, you should no longer be experiencing difficulties with connection interrupts.

However, if you have found this guide unhelpful and you are still experiencing difficulties with your FRITZ!Box, please call us at Wi-Manx Support on 641188.