ToolBox -

The settings required are as follows;

Options in blue are required, others are optional and may not appear on certain phones/software.

The VoiceUserID and VoiceUserPassword will have been provided on your welcome letter and may have been called SIP Username and SIP password.

UserID : VoiceUserID (e.g. 7155xxxx)
Password : VoiceUserPassword e.g. (KN567NY)
AuthID : VoiceUserID (e.g. 7155xxxx)
Domain/Proxy/Registrar :
Domain/Registrar Port: 5060
Outbound Proxy :
Use Outbound Proxy : Yes

You are not required to use STUN, ICE or any other NAT traversal method. Our outbound proxy should handle any far-end NAT issues. If you find you are still having problems, please contact support telling them your model of router and the VoIP device/software you are trying to use. Technical should be able to assist you in getting the UA (User Agent) working successfully with our service.