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Using wireless speakers in the FRITZ!Box home network


Your wireless speaker must support UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play standard. Alternatively, the speaker must be certified by the DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance).

Connecting the wireless speaker to your FRITZ!Box

How to prepare the FRITZ!Box for WPS

The FRITZ!Box has already been setup to support WPS. However, if you changed the FRITZ!Box wireless settings, you should configure the following settings:

  • First select “Wireless (WLAN)” in the FRITZ!Box user interface (Click here to read our guide on the FRITZ!Box user interface).


  • From the “Wireless” menu, select “Security” in the “Wireless (WLAN)” menu.


  • You should now select the “WPS Quick Connection”.


  • Enable WPS.


  • Select “Push-Button method (WPS-PBC, Push Button Configuration)” and click “Start WPS”.



Establishing a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box

  • First, plug in the power adapter of your wireless speaker. You should find that any LEDs indicating a power source should light up.
  • Now press and hold the WPS button on the wireless speaker for at least 3 seconds until the “LINK” LED on the speaker starts to flash. Depending on your speaker model, the LED is likely to be on the front or back of the speaker device.
  • You can now push and hold the WLAN button on the FRITZ!Box for about 6 seconds until its WLAN LED flashes.

The wireless speaker should now be connected to the FRITZ!Box. You will now be able to play music from your smartphone directly over the loudspeaker. Using an Apple device, you can connect your iPhone to the loudspeaker over Airplay, and using an Android device, you will be able to connect the device to the loudspeaker over FRITZ!App Media.

Playing music from the FRITZ!Box Media Server on the wireless speaker

The FRITZ!Box, used as a media server, will allow you to access your central media collection from all devices in your home network. You will easily be able to play music files with your smartphone, tablet, FRITZ!Fon etc, and then play them directly through the wireless speaker.

Setting up the FRITZ!Box as a Media Server

  • You will need to set up the FRITZ!Box as a Media Server for this guide.

How to Control music playback with FRITZ!Fon

  • First, press the “Menu” key on the telephone keypad.
  • Now select “Home Network” and then select “OK”.
  • Select “Media Player – OK – Options – Destination – Selection”.
  • Now select the wireless speaker and, again, select “OK”.

Music that you wish to play with FRITZ!Fon can now be played through the wireless speaker.

 How to Control music playback with an Android device

  • First, download the FRITZ!App Media from the Google Play Store and then install the App on your Android device.
  • Open the FRITZ!App Media software.
  • Once you are in the App, select AVM FRITZ!Mediaserver.
  • Now you can select the music file which you would like to play.
  • Finally, press the menu key on your device and then select the wireless speaker as the designated output device.

The music which you play through the FRITZ!App Media can now be played through the wireless speaker.

If this guide has been unhelpful and you are still experiencing difficulties with your FRITZ!Box, please call us at Wi-Manx support on 641188.