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What is Choppy / One-way audio / Dropped Audio?

With choppy audio and one-way audio, either person on the call hears the audio breaking up, or no audio at all. Dropped audio is when a call is in session but both parties are unable to hear each other.
This is different to when a call completely disconnects (including ADSL) and you hear an out of order tone.

Tips of solving these problems

  • Ensure no file sharing, P2P applications or large downloads are taking place while you are using the telephone. These activities will use up all your bandwidth leaving little bandwidth left for your phone
  • If you have a wireless router – please make sure you have security enabled, you run the risk that someone else may be using your connection and using up all the bandwidth
  • If you have any firewalls or security features enabled on your router, please disable these features (not applicable to the Speedtouch 780WL
  • Please locate the VoIP device\router away from any other power supply – these can sometimes interfere with the ADSL connection

Wireless routers & cordless phones

Please make sure all wireless routers are at least 1-2m away from the cordless phone base station. Certain models of phone can interfere with the router (and vice versa) causing calls to drop.

What next?

If you are still experiencing problems – please contact – we will be happy to assist you.