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What is echo?

Echo is when you can hear you own voice when talking, or the person you are calling can hear their own voice when they speak to you.

Tips for resolving problems with echo;

  • Lower the volume/gain on your telephone handset
  • Make sure you are using the correct cables supplied with your device
  • Try moving the VoIP ATA/Router at least 1.5m away from the nearest electrical device
  • Try a different telephone, if the other phone works then there is a compatibility issue with your other phone
  • For cordless phones, try a different channel
  • If you are using a wireless network, make sure the cordless phone base station is located at least 1.5m away from the wireless router
  • Test your device at another location where a broadband connection exists. This will prove if the echo is caused by electical interference from another device.

If you are still having problems – please email