Setting up Wi-Manx email accounts with Windows Live Mail

Date: June 3rd, 2011 | Category: Email, General Email

Launch Windows Live Mail.

Click the drop down menu button located in the upper left hand side of the window, from here click options then Email accounts…

You should now see the Accounts information window, from here click Add…

From this window select Email Account, then press Next to continue.

You will now see a window like the one below, enter in your email address, password and desired display name, ensure that Remember this password and Manually configure server settings are ticked. Click Next to continue.

You will now see the Configure server settings page, enter in the settings as shown below, taking care to note the tick boxes, and replacing the login  user name are your own.

Press Next to complete the set up.


NOTE: the login user name is not your email address, you can find out the user name associated with your email address through the Customer Portal.

Congratulations you have now set up your Wi-Manx email account with Windows Live Mail.

NOTE: when you first send or receive mail you may be asked to enter in you password again, ensure that you tick the remember my password check box to prevent it asking you each time you login.

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