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January 29th, 2020

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This guide is intended to help set up your Wi-Manx emails with an iPhone or iPad.

Follow these steps to set up the first email account on your iOS device.

You will need to visit your customer portal to create a new Wi-Manx email account if you have not done so already. Once you have created it, please take note of your new account details.
Please note that the username is different from your email address, the standard layout for a username is 3 letters followed by 6 numbers e.g. (WML22222-1).

On your device, press Settings as highlighted below.  Please note your ‘Settings’ app may be located in a different place.


Scroll down and find ‘Password & Accounts’.  Tap on this.   Then press ‘Add Account’.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and then select ‘Other’, then proceed to press ‘Add Mail Account’.



1) Enter your Name, Email Address, Password & Description.
2) Name: This is the name that users will use to recognise who you are.
3) Address: Your email as setup via your customer portal e.g. (
4) Password: Your password as setup via your customer portal.
5) Description: Enter an appropriate description for the account.

Tap Next to bring you to the next page of the setup.


On the next page at the top, Select IMAP
Scroll down to the section Incoming Mail Server. Enter the following details:
Host Name:
Enter your CASE SENSITIVE username and password e.g. (WML22492-2).
Enter the same details for Outgoing Mail Server.
Tap Next.



The device will now authenticate your details with our mail services.  Allow a few minutes for this to take place.  If the device gives an error, go back and check the details. If you are not sure, please use the customer portal for reference.  When you see the screen below press ‘Save’ ensuring that the ‘Mail’ option is selected.

You can now yourself a test email to check that your Wi-Manx email account has been setup correctly. You will find it in your inbox.