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Normally your router will use DHCP to automatically assign an IP address to a device when it connects to the network, this allows for very little configuration and new devices can connect quickly.

However if you wish to forward ports to your computer to host a game server or you have a device on your network such as a NAS storage enclosure it is recommended that you assign it a reserved IP address in your routers interface.

To allocate a reserved IP address, first ensure that the computer or device that you want to assign the address too is switch on and connected to the network.

Open your web browser, clear anything in the address bar and enter

This is the routers configuration page, click “Home Network” on the left hand menu.

Click home network on the left hand menu

Click the device that you wish to assign a static IP address to, in this case its jluckins-pc.

Select the device you want to assign a static IP address to.

Click “Configure” in the top right of the page.

Click "Configure" on the right hand side of the page

Take note of the IP address then tick “Always use the same address” tick box, click apply.

Tick the box "Always use the same IP address" and click apply

Your device will now always be assigned the same IP address.