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The Linksys router interface does not allow for DHCP address reservations, however by default the pool of DHCP addresses is set between to

This means that you can manually assign a static IP address in windows between and that will not be assigned to another device by the routers DHCP server.

Linksys DHCP information

Click on the start menu then open the control panel.

Select control panel from the start menu

Select “View network status and tasks” from the left hand side of the control panel.

Select "View network status and tasks" from the control panel

Select “Change adapter settings” from the left hand menu.

Network settings, change adapter settings

Right click the connection that you want to assign the static IP address to, then click “Properties”.

Right click on the network adapter and select properties

The properties window should appear, from here select “Internet Protocol Version 4” then click “Properties”.

select internet protocol version 4 then click properties

Select “Use the following IP address”.

Select use the following IP addresses

Enter in your desired IP address that is not in the routers DHCP range i.e. between and

The subnet mask, default gateway & DNS server should be as below:

Enter in your desire IP address between & as this is not in the routers DHCP range

Select “OK” your computer is now assigned a static IP address, if you need to set up port forwarding rules for you Linksys router click here.