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The HomeUser backup software is currently supported on the following operating systems;

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.x

First within the customer portal click on Services, and then under on-line backup click downloads. Or click this link.

From the list select the download that matches the  your backup plan and operating system.

This guide shows windows users the instillation process for the backup lite software.

The Mac OS X software follows the usual apple software instillation process and should be straight falward enough.

launch the installer file (wmacb.exe) and select the desired language. Once the installer has launched, click Next to begin.

Image showing the first page of the install process

Please read the License Agreement and agree to terms, click Next

Image showing the second stage of the instillation process

Please specify where you would like to install the software. In most cases, the default choice is fine. Click Next.

Image showing the instillation location (default is fine for most users)

Please specify whether the software should be available to just you, or other users of your computer. This doesn’t make your data available, it just allows other users to backup their files too. Click Next.

Image showing user selection

Once you are happy to proceed, click Next

Image showing the instillation summary click next to proceed

The software will now install. This may take a few minutes.

Image showing instillation progress

Once complete – you should see the following screen. You are now ready to start using our software. Please read our other backup guides located here for further information.

Image showing the final instillation page the software with launch when you click finish