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This guide is intended to help in configuring your Wi-Manx email account for use with an Android smartphone, this guide overviews the basic settings that all phones should request. As each phone supplier have their own flavour of Android the images below may differ slightly from the interface of your phone.

Navigate to your phone’s default mail program, usually called “Mail” or “E-Mail” once opened press the menu key and then add an account.  From here the window below should show up.

Enter in your Wi-Manx email address and password, you can also choose this to be your default account when sending emails from your phone, once entered press “Manual Setup”


On the “What type of account is this” window Press the “IMAP” option


On the “Incoming Server Settings” window enter your username this is different from your email address and can be found from your email management in the customer portal.

Enter in your password, this is the same one as you use to login to your emails, if you are unsure or have forgotten your password you can check it from the manage email section of the customer portal.

Enter in the IMAP server, port and security type as below and click “Next”


On the “Outgoing Server Settings” Enter in the SMTP server, port and security type as below.

Tick the “require sign-in” option and once again enter your username and password, click “Next”.


All the main settings required for your phone to contact our mail servers are now configured, the Account options page sets how often your phone checks for new emails if you want this as your default account and if you want your phone to notify you of new emails.

You can set the options below however you wish.  If you tend to receive a lot of emails it may be worth setting the inbox checking frequency to a shorter time. Once you have chosen your settings click “Next”.


The next page will ask you for some more information about how you want your phone to use the email account, you can choose to give the account a name, and also put in your name as it will be displayed on outgoing messages. Once you are happy click ‘Done’.

Congratulations your email address is now set up, you should now be able to send and receive emails from your android phone.