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Setting up wireless security is important to ensure that your wireless network is not open to abuse, ensuring that your data is safe and you get the fastest internet speeds possible.

This guide will show you how to access a Linksys routers wireless configuration page.

While setting or changing a wireless password we reccomend connected to the router with using an Ethernet cable to ensure that you don’t get disconnected.

Open your web browser and clear anything in the address bar. Enter the login page address for your Linksys router, by default this is

You will then be prompted for your username and password, by default these are both “admin”.

Lynksys router login prompt.

From the main setup menu select the “Wireless” tab then select “Wireless Security” below.

Linksys router wireless settings page

Use the drop down security mode list select a type, we recommend WPA2-Personal as it will work with most devices. Leave the encryption as TKIP or AES, type in your desired password known as a “Pre-Shared Key”.

Click “Save Settings” to apply the new security key.

Linksys wireless security options

If you where connected to the router over wireless you will be disconnected and will need to enter the wireless key into your computer to connect to the network.