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Login to the webmail portal, if you are unsure how to do this click the link below.

How do I access my email via the webmail portal?

you should be presented with the screen below:

Image showing the mail webmail interface with new email circled in red

Click on the box at the top right that says “New” a drop down menu will appear, select “Email Message” this will bring up the compose new email window.

Image showing window to compose a new email, with the send button circled in red.

Select the alias you wish to send the email from, type in your recipients (multiple recipients can be separated with a comma), enter in any contacts you wish to Cc (carbon copy) and any contacts you wish to Bcc (blank carbon copy).

Enter your subject line, then the main body of the email, once you are happy click send.
You should then receive a pop up box in the bottom left of the window confirming that the email has been sent.

Image showing the mail sent pop up