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By default – all of our VoIP equipment routes calls out over our Voice over IP (VoIP) service. The following equipment has the ability to selectively route calls using your landline;

  • Thomson Speedtouch 780WL
  • Camrivox Flexor 151
  • Siemens Gigaset IP DECT Phones

All of our equipment is configured to route 999 calls out using Manx Telecom – automatically. The Speedtouch and the Flexor 151 are also pre-programmed to send common operator or service numbers out over Manx Telecom.

You can force the device to make calls using Manx Telecom by entering a bypass code. The method varies between devices, the different methods are outlined below;

Speedtouch 780WL/784

Dial *01* before the number. For example, to ring Wi-Manx using your landline, please dial *01*641188.

Camrivox Flexor 151

Simply press the Recall (sometimes referred to as the R button). You may hear the dial-tone change, any numbers dialled will go via Manx Telecom.

Siemens Gigaset IP models

To use the Manx Telecom line, simply dial the number and hold the green dial key for a second or so (As opposed to simply pressing it)