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How to extend your wireless radio network – FRITZ!Box

You can extend the range of your wireless radio network via a number of methods, as the range is not a fixed value. The range of your network could be depended on a number of items, such as:

  • The data being downloaded by your wireless devices. This is typically greater the more device you have connected to your wireless radio network.
  • The wireless environment. Your wireless radio network can be effected by the environment surrounding you. For instance, reinforced or dense walls can effect the speed and range of your network.
  • Interference from other radio waves. Microwaves and radio waves emitted from devices such as baby monitors can cause interference with your wireless radio network range

Using wireless LAN repeaters, you can extend the range of your wireless radio network. On the other hand, you can use a second FRITZ!Box as a wireless LAN repeater. Both methods will allow you to extend the wireless range of your network.

Using a second FRITZ!Box as a LAN repeater

Using an additional FRITZ!Box as a LAN repeater will allow you to extend the wireless range of your network. In order to do this, you must first configure the repeater settings in the FRITZ!Box settings.

  • First, open up the FRITZ!Box user interface  and select the Advanced view mode (Click here to read our guide on the Advanced and Standard view modes).
  • Now open the Wireless menu. This will be on the left hand side of the user interface display.


  • From the Wireless menu, open the Repeater menu.


  • In the Repeater menu, follow the instructions provided.





Using a LAN repeater

You can purchase LAN repeaters from all manner of providers. AVM International produce FRITZ! LAN repeaters which can be purchased from their website. Alternatively, you can visit any tech store or online shop. Each device will be configured differently based upon its producer. Instructions should be provided with each purchase.

If you have configured any form of LAN repeater correctly, then your wireless range should have been improved. However, if your wireless range has not improved, then it is likely that your wireless environment is causing problems.

If you have found this guide unhelpful and are still experiencing difficulties with your FRITZ!Box, please call us at Wi-Manx Support on 641188.