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How to Configure the FRITZ!Box Fax Function

The FRITZ!Box allows you to send and receive fax messages, without even using a fax machine. You can use the FRITZ!Box user interface to configure the fax function to forward you faxes to a desired email address. This allows you to view your fax messages from your computer, smartphone or tablet etc.

How to configure:


  • From the “Telephony” menu, open the “Telephony Devices” menu. Proceed to the following page.



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  • In the “Telephony Devices” menu, select the “Configure New Device” option.




  • Find the “Integrated in the FRITZ!Box” segment of this menu.

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  • From here, select the option “Fax Function”.
  • Confirm your selection by pressing the “Next” button.


  • In the field given enter your Fax ID. Be sure to follow this format: +00 00 00000, for your country code, area code (without 0) and your fax number respectively.

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  • Now you can choose if your fax messages will be saved by the FRTIZ!Box, or sent to your email.  You can enter numerous email address and you are not restricted to one email. Select the “Next” button to save these settings and proceed.





  • Next, select your fax number. The fax function will allow all calls, including telephone calls,  to the selected fax number. You can also set up automatic fax detection, which will allow you to take telephone calls using the fax number.
  • Finally, select the options “Next” then “Apply”. This will apply the new fax settings.




If you have followed these steps correctly, the fax function should now be enabled.

If you have found this guide unhelpful and are still experiencing difficulties with your FRITZ!Box, please call us at Wi-Manx Support on 641188.