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This guide is intended to help set up your Wi-Manx email address with Apple ‘Mail’ on your Mac.

Click the Apple logo in the Finder and select ‘System Preferences’.



Select ‘Internet Accounts’ as shown highlighted in red below.


Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Internet Accounts’ page and you will see ‘Add Other Account…’ Select this option.



Select ‘Add a Mail account’ and press ‘Create…’



You will now be prompted to enter the following details (see image below).  If you can’t remember your password you can get this from the customer portal.


You will now need to configure the Incoming Mail Server, make sure the settings are entered as shown below, making sure to take note of the text in red.



Finally the Outgoing Mail Server settings need to be configured, the outgoing mail server is the same as the incoming “” and the username and password are the same as the Incoming Server.  Once you have filled in the details press ‘Create’, this will now save the account.  You can now access your emails through the Apple Mail App that is usally found in the dock.  Alternativley search for ‘Mail’ in spotlight.  If you have any problems after configuring mail on your Mac after following this guide please contact support on 641188.