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December 21st, 2011

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Changing the channel that your router broadcasts on can help clear up wireless connection issues related to interference from a neighbour’s router (or indeed any wireless device, eg. security camera, DECT phone, wireless speakers, etc.)

To change the wireless channel of your Billion VDSL  router please follow these steps.

First, it is advisable to connect your computer to your router with the supplied ethernet cable. It is possible for you to put the device into a state where you cannot access it via the wireless connection – if this happens you will be required to use the cable anyway. On most computers you can connect both wirelessly and wired at the same time, so you can test your settings each time you change them.

Open up your web browser of choice and navigate to your Router’s configuration web page. This page is available whether you are connected to the internet or not, so if you cannot move your computer to the router, it may be worth moving the router to your computer.

You can find the webpage at the following address (either type it into your address bar or click the link)

The Router will then ask for a userame and password as shown below, the default is

Username: admin

Password: admin


You should now be on the routers home page as shown below.

From the home page please select WLAN

You should be presented with the following page:

You should see in the middle of this page, channel ID


Now, change the channel. Try a number at the opposite end of the range that it’s currently on – ie if it’s on 11, try 1, if it’s on 1 try 11, etc.
Scroll Down and press the apply button   You will then need to press the save config button at the bottom of the page to save your changes

to the settings, and press the apply button on the next page (shown below)



The improvement may show as a strengthening of the signal from your router, so check for that first.
If your wireless connection still hasn’t improved, you will need to try all the channels 1 through 11 and see if any of them offer improvement. If you have a lot of neighbours (for example if you’re in a block of flats) there may only be a few clear channels. Remember to press the apply and the save config button after any changes.