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How to change the FRITZ!Box Network Key

Every time you connect a wireless device to your personal wireless LAN network, you will be asked for the FRITZ!Box network key (password) which can easily be found on the underside of your FRITZ!Box housing or on the FRITZ!Box user interface. However, this network key can consist of a long string of numbers which can be very difficult to remember. You may want to change the network key to something easier to remember than a series of numbers. In the FRITZ!Box user interface, you can do just that.


  • Now, open the “Security” menu from the “Wireless” menu.


  • Proceed to the following menu. This will be the “Encryption” tab.


  • Find the “WPA Encryption” segment.


  • In the “Network key” field, enter your desired password. Make sure to write this down somewhere so you can easily connect your wireless devices to the FRITZ!Box. Once you have entered the new network key, press “Apply” at the bottom of the page. This will save the new settings.


The network key will now have been changed.

If this guide has been unhelpful and you are still experiencing difficulties with your FRITZ!Box, please call us at Wi-Manx support on 641188.