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To change the display name of your snom handset we first need to know the IP address of the phone so we can get on the web interface of the phone.

To find this on a Snom 300 phone press the press the down silver arrow on your device 11 times and then press the tick button.

To find this on a Snom 320/360/370 press the help key and the IP address is displayed on the screen

To find this on a Snom 710/720/820/870 press the settings softkey then 5 then 1

Once we have the IP address open a web browser on your PC and enter the IP address into the address bar as it is displayed on the screen of the phone. Hit enter return or go, you will be greeted with the interface as shown below:



Next we need to click on Identity 1 as show below :



In ‘Displayname’ change this to your name or what you want displayed on the phones screen and hit the apply button as shown below:



The display name on the phones screen should now be changed, you will also need to click the save button that appears at the top of the page…