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This article will explain how to backup the router’s current configuration.

To begin the setup, please make sure you have a connection to the Thomson router either via wireless or the network cable.

First, navigate to the Thomson router web interface page by typing into the address bar of your browser.

You should then see a webpage similer to this one:

Image of the main web interface page, with the Thompson Gateway button circled in red

Select the Thompson Gateway button from the left-hand menu.

Image showing the drop down menu with the configuration page link circled in red

Next select Configuration then Select Save or Restore Configuration at the bottom of the page.

Image of the Thompson Gateway interface to backup or restore setting, with the backup link circled in red

Select Backup Configuration Now…

Depending on how your browser handles downloaded files you may need to click save or select a save location, in windows this is set to My Downloads as default.

To restore the backup navigate to the above page and select Choose File to select the backup then click Restore Configuration Now…

Please Note: Screen shots may appear slightly different depending on Firmware Version