ToolBox -

Login to your customer portal ( using the details supplied in your Wi-Manx Welcome Letter.

Click the button “Configure Webspace” on the left hand side, you will be taken to the screen shown below that displays information about your web space as well as a user name and password.

These are your login details for the web server.

Image showing the configure webspace page in the customer portal.

Open My Computer and click in the middle of  the address bar at the top and remove the text Computer.

Type ‘’ in the address bar. A prompt will ask you for your username and password, which can be found on the previous image of the customer portal page.

Image showing windows 7/vista explorer with the ftp dialogue window in front

Once you have entered your login details click log on, you can now browse your webspace like a folder on your computer to add files you can drag them into the window or use copy/paste.

The web address to your files will be structured like this[your account number]/[name of your file].