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You can see if your computer has a network card by looking at the available ports. On desktop PCs, network cards are located at the rear – while on laptops they can be at the rear or on the side.

A standard RJ45 style network card can be seen below;

Image showing the visual appearance of a network card on a desktop pc

Using Device Manager

On Windows PCs – you can check to see if you have a network card by accessing the device manager.

Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties

Image showing the location of device manager within Windows 7

Clicking Device Manager should open the Device Manager Screen

Device manager with network card selected

Image showing the network card highlighted within Windows 7's device manager page

Under Network Adapters you should be able to locate a device named Ethernet Adapter, PCI Network Device or onboard 100Mbps Network Device then you have an ethernet card. If you have a device called Wireless Ethernet, Wireless Network, PPP Adapter, VPN Adapter or Bluetooth adapter (or similar) these are not wired network cards.

If in doubt – give us a call and we will assist.