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NOTE – If you connect to the internet using a wireless network adapter, modifying the settings may disconnect you from the wireless network. Please make sure you have a CAT5 Ethernet cable to hand in case you are unable to reconnect to the wireless after making changes.

Please note this is a general guide and uses the Windows Wireless Configuration Service – for some wireless devices, you will need to use the supplied utilities however the setup will be similiar.

Install your wireless device according to the manufacturers instructions, so that it appears in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (highlighted in red below)

Wireless utility

Image showing the location of the windows wireless icon

Right click on this, and select “View Available Wireless Networks” to reach this screen:

Image showing windows interface to select wireless network

If your network is listed (It may just say “secure wireless network”), simply double click on it and enter your WEP/WPA key to connect. If there are several, you may be picking up your neighbours networks – make sure you connect to the correct one. Generally this will be the one with the highest signal strength.

If your network is not automaticaly detected, you may need to set up your connection manually. If this is the case, select “Set up a wireless network for a home or small office” from the menu on the left. Click next through the first welcome screen, then on the following screen select “Setup a new wireless network” to reach this screen:

Image showing the windows wizard to complete final steps of network setup

Enter the SSID from your Wireless Router (see this link for details on how to setup your Speedtouch and obtain this information) and select “Manually assign a network key”. If you are using WPA encryption, make sure to tick the box at the bottom of the screen. Click next and on the screen that appears, enter your WEP or WPA key (again obtained from your wirelss router). On the next screen, select “Set up a network manually” and click next again. Click “Finish” on the final screen to complete the settings. Your wireless network should now connect. You can test this by trying to view the routers configuration page by typing http://speedtouch.lan into the address bar of your browser.