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The device will normally be provisioned in the Wi-Manx shop.

However, if you reset the phone, or purchased one that we haven’t provisioned, please use the following instructions:-

Find the IP address of the base station:
First we must find the IP address of the web configuration utility on the Gigaset base station. Do this by navigating to:

Menu→Settings→Base→Local Network→(enter your system pin – default is 0000)→IP Address.

Note down the number listed under IP Address, removing any leading zeros – e.g. if the display reads, note down

Configuring the VoIP IP settings:
Enter the address you noted into the addess bar on your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) –

To display the page below:-

Web interface Gigaset C450 IP

Image showing the initial view of the web interface for the Gigaset C450 IP

Type in your system pin (default is 0000)

Image showing the second step of configuring the C450 IP

Click settings.

Image showing the main configuration screen of the C450 IP

Click the edit button, and the VoIP details from your welcome letter as below:-

Image showing the interface to enter your login details

Once everything is entered, click set.

Image showing the main interface

Setting 999 as the emergency number:
Making this change means that dialing 999 will always go through the phone network instead of over the VoIP network.

Click Dialing Plans to get the following screen and enter 999 in the User-Editable Number.

Image showing the C450's interface to set up emergency dialing plans

Click Set, Your phone setup is now complete.