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To create the FTP site in File-Zilla please follow the steps outlined below.

Please note – you need to install File-Zilla before hand, it is a free piece of software that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Open File-Zilla you should see a window similar to the one below.

Image showing the main Filezilla interface

From the File menu select Site Manager. The following dialogue will be shown

Image showing the Filezilla site manager dialogue box

Click the New Site button, and name the site Wi-Manx

Image showing Filezilla adding a new site


In the right-hand pane, enter the following information

Server-Type FTP – File Transfer Protocol
Logontype Normal
User 2xxxx (Your customer number)
Password The web-space password listed on the customer portal

Image showing the Wi-Manx server details entered

After entering the information, Click Connect

Image showing Filezilla conencted to the Wi-Manx webspace

FileZilla should now connect to the server. You should see a Directory Listing successful message in the top left pane.

For instructions on how to upload files using File-zilla as an FTP client please click here to view the knowledgebase article.