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Find the IP address of the base station:
First we must find the IP address of the web configuration utility on the Gigaset base station. Do this by picking up the phone and going to:

Menu→Settings→Base→Local Network→(enter your system pin – default is 0000).

Note down the number listed under IP Address, removing any leading zeros – e.g. if the display reads, note down This is the address we need to type in to a web browser in the next step.

Configuring the VoIP IP settings:
Type the address you noted into the address bar on your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and press Enter on the keyboard to display:-

Image showing the S450 IP login

Type in your system pin in the appropriate box (default = 0000)

Image of the C450 Home screen

Click settings.

Image of the C450 settings screen

Click the Telephony item and make sure Connections is highlighted:

Image showing C450 IP connections page

Click the Edit button on the IP1 line:

Image showing the telephony connection settings

Enter your VoIP details as supplied in your welcome letter, in the boxes shown.

Click the Set button to commit the changes. Next we’ll set up the provider as Wi-Manx so that all appropriate server settings are entered automatically. Click the Select VoIP Provider button as highlighted in the previous image. You should now be looking at this:

Image showing the S450 IP telephony connections setting provider warning

Click Next and select Great Britain from the country drop down list:

Image showing interface to select provider country

Click Next again and now select Wi-Manx from the provider drop down list:

Image showing the S450 interface to select the provider

Click Finish, and the settings will be downloaded and applied. VoIP is now setup.
Setting 999 as an emergency number:
Making this change means that dialing 999 will always go through the phone network instead of over the VoIP network.

Under Telephony, click Dialing Plans to get the following screen and enter 999 in the Phone Number box, and make sure the Connection Type is set to fixed line.

Image showing configuration of emergency number dialing

Now click Add to add the phone number to the dialing plan. You can do this for any number that you want to only use the normal phone network.

Click Set, your phone setup is now complete.