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When preforming the initial configuration a router for use with our Broadband service we recommend that you connect using a wired Ethernet connection.

First ensure that your router is correctly connected via a micro filter to your phone line.


Open your web browser and clear anything that is in the address bar, type into the address bar and press enter.

You should now see the Thompson router configuration page, click “Thompson Gateway” from the left hand menu.



From the Thompson Gateway page click “Set Up” under Pick a Task…



A new window should now pop up, this is the easy set up interface click “Next >”  to



From here you should have at least two options under select a service, choose Data default or if present Wi-Manx. Press “Next >” to continue to the next step.



Leave the VPI/VCI settings at 0.38 and Connection Type to PPPoA. Enter in your ADSL username and password, you can find this on the welcome letter you received when you signed up.



We recommend that you leave the wireless security set to WPA-PSK, by default the key is found on the bottom of the router. Click “Next >”



From this screen you can set the login information for the routers webpage, to make things easier in the future we recommend that this is left as Username: Administrator and Password: left blank.



Review your configuration options and click “Next >”



Once you have clicked start your router will reboot and apply the new settings, this can take up to 2 minuets.



Check to see that the Broadband and Internet lights are green, you should now be able to access the internet with your Thompson 585 router.