ToolBox -

Type into the address bar on your web browser (e.g. Firefox, IE, etc…)

To display the login screen as below,

There are no factory set login details, so don’t type anything in and just press OK.

Firefox login credentials window, leave this blank

Click on the Internet Access button, as highlighted below.

Dray Tek PPPoE/PPPoA sub menu

Now click on the PPPoE/PPPoA sub-menu item. Here’s what you should be looking at:

Image showing the Dray Tek PPPoE/PPPoA sub-menu

For our purposes, ignore the greyed out areas – they can be left at their default values. Make sure the settings in the PPPoE/PPPoA Client Mode section match the image.

In the ISP Access Setup section:

  • give the ISP Name a memorable name, eg, WiManx;
  • username is the username given in the welcome letter, eg. – note this must be your full username including everything after the @ sign.
  • password is again as given on your welcome letter. It is case sensitive, so be careful.
  • PPP Authentication – leave as PAP or CHAP
  • Always On should be ticked, unless you have reasons for limiting it.
  • Fixed IP should be set to No (dynamic) – even if you have a static IP from us. Leave the box below it blank.

Click OK and your router should restart and connect to our service.