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If you are using Google Chrome as a web browser then their is no need to install Flash Player manually as Chrome always has the latest version built in.

For other browsers such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari follow the guide below that outlines the basic steps

NOTE – Guide was produced using Internet Explorer 8 but the process is much the same across all browsers.

First visit this link to the Flash Player install page

You will now be presented with the screen below. Carefully read through the license before clicking ‘Downlaod Now’.

It is recommended you opt out of the additional Google toolbar.

Image showing the initial download page for Flash Player

At the next screen you may be prompted with a security warning asking if you wish to install the software, please follow the steps outlined in the image below.

Image showing the different steps required to complete the instillation

Adobe Flash should now install, and you will be presented with a flash movie if the installation was sucessful. You can now view flash movies from the Support section.