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Find the IP address of the base station:
First we must find the IP address of the web configuration utility on the Gigaset base station. Do this by picking up the phone and going to:

Menu→Settings→Base→Local Network→(enter your system pin – default is 0000)→IP Address.

Note down the number listed under IP Address, removing any leading zeros – e.g. if the display reads, note down This is the address we need to type in to a web browser in the next step

Logging in to the configuration utility:
Type the noted address into a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) You should be presented with this page:

Image of the Gigaset Welcome Screen

Type in your system pin in the appropriate box (default = 0000).

To be presented with this:Image of the Gigaset miscellaneous menu

Click Settings, then Miscellaneous. Here’s what you should be looking at now:

Image of the Gigaset firmware update dialogue

Click the Update Firmware button, and your Gigaset will go off and find any updates it can.

If updates are found, the Gigaset will download them, and may need to restart. This is normal. Your handset will let you know when it’s back up and running.