ToolBox -

Open the customer portal and login using the details provided in your welcome letter.

Click configure email accounts on the left hand side of the page.

Wimanx, customer portal

You will now be presented with a screen showing information about any mailboxes you have already created, to create a new email address click “new mailbox”

Image showing the mailbox overview

Enter your desired email address, select the domain and password you want to use then click create mailbox.

Image showing the create new mailbox screen

if the email address was available you will then be taken back to mailbox overview screen, if you your email is taken try again (suggest using numbers or underscores)

Image showing the email overview screen with the email account we just created circled in red.

To login to you new email account you can click the “view account” button then “view email” or use the webmail login here

Image showing the account overview, with view email button circled in red