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This guide applies to all Netgear routers models as they all share a very similar interface.

Router’s broadcast their signal on Radio Frequencies in the same way a radio transmitter does. Sometimes, your neighbours (or other electrical devices in your house) may be transmitting at the same frequency and interfering with the signal from your router. If this is the case, you can change the channel that the router broadcasts on, hopefully clearing the signal up for you to use. You may find it easier to do this wired to the router as changing channels will cause you to lose wireless connectivity. You will then need to go through the process of reconnecting before doing anything else.

Here’s how to change the channel:

Open up your browser of choice (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)

In the address bar, type in the address of your router’s configuration page.
By default this is or on a Netgear router.
You should now be presented with a login screen.
Enter your username and password, the defaults are (case sensitive):

Username: “admin”
Password: “password”

Once logged in, you will be taken to this webpage:

Netgear router start page

Click on Wireless Settings, under Setup located on the left hand menu.

Netgear left hand menu bar

You’ll be presented with the following information on the main part of the screen:

Wireless settings page

The important bits are in the first section, “Wireless Network.”

  • Make sure Region is set to Europe – the channels are at different frequencies in different countries, and this can also cause problems.
  • Change the Channel number to any other channel, preferably at least 2 channels away from the one it’s on.
  • Hit Apply. If you’re connected to the router wirelessly, you will be disconnected at this time.