ToolBox -

Pick up your telephone connected to the Camrivox and press the ‘hash’ # key twice.

You will hear a voice notification reading out “Management webpage is … ” and a set of numbers, please write these down.

In your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari), enter the set of numbers into the address bar (not the search bar) and press enter.

You browser should display the following:

Image showing the location of the voice settings link (Highlighted in green)

Click on Voice Settings (highlighted in green above) and you will see the page displayed below:

Image showing the Camrivox voice settings page focused on volume settings.

The important values are VoIP Call and PSTN Call. VoIP calls are your outgoing calls, PSTN calls are your incoming calls. The default settings are all at 5, You may have to experiment with the settings to get the best results.

Press the Save Settings button to apply the changes.

If you turn the microphone, or the speaker values too high, you are likely to create echo on the line.