ToolBox -

Open the customer portal and login using the details provided in your welcome letter.

Click configure email accounts on the left hand side of the page.

Wimanx, customer portal

You will now be presented with a screen showing information about any mailboxes you have already created, click “view account” on the mailbox you want to alter the aliases on.

Image showing the mailbox overview

If you want to remove an alias assigned to an account click the remove button, then a conformation dialogue will apear for you to confirm the action.

To add a new alias to the account click “create alias” on the right hand side you will be prompted to enter the first part of the desired alias then select a domain from the drop down list.

Image showing a Mailbox account with 2 aliases assigned

You should now be able to add and remove aliases from your mail box, having a few different aliases can be useful and used to filter emails in your client or on the webmail.

for example have a formal alias eg and an informal one for friends and family