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December 24th, 2013

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Most routers these days, have a wireless – password, key or pass-phrase set by default.  This is to help secure you wireless internet connection, straight out of the box.

If this is the case, the wireless details will be printed on a label, usually located on the base or rear of your router.  There may also be an accompanying leaflet or card with the same details for ease of use. The wireless key set, is unique to your device only and will not work for any other wireless connection.

Of course, all routers have the ability to chance and customise wireless details.  You may have change the SSID (Wireless name) to your house name for example, and set you own password.  If this is the case, you may need to log on to your router, using an Ethernet connected device, a laptop or tablet already connected to the network, to find your custom wireless details. More information on doing this can be found here.

Below are some examples of where to find your wireless details:


The default wireless key can be found on the base of the unit. It usually consists of 16 -20 numbers. The same sticker is also attached to the ‘Quick start guide’ leaflet which comes in the original box.





The wireless key can be located on the base or rear depending on whether the unit sits flat or upright. It normally consists of ten alpha-numeric (0-9, A-F) CAPITAL characters (A0B1CD2EF9)
There is also a credit card type info card supplied with the same details. The card also has a QR code which can be used by smart phones like the iphone or Samsung Galaxy range.


technicolor-wireless TechnicolorWifiCard


Thomson / Speedtouch

Again, the information can be located on the base of the router and will look like one of the following. The alpha-numeric format applies as previously.