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We don’t block any P2P application traffic. But we will control P2P usage where necessary.

Our priority is to provide the best level of service for the majority of users, including those who like to download files using P2P networks or newsgroups (Obviously subject to our T&C). If we feel excessive P2P activity is having a negative effect on our VoIP quality or gaming latency then we may take necessary steps to prevent this. This would normally involve shaping the traffic to an acceptable level whereby it no longer has an adverse effect on the network. We appreciate that many users will want to use the BitTorrent protocol amongst others, given that nowadays there are many more legitimate users of this protocol. Users who persistently download & upload using BitTorrent constantly for several days at a time may have their connection shaped.

We try and operate a transparent policy towards P2P and don’t employ any stealth tactics in order to reduce P2P usage.