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This guide is intended to help configure your Android powered phone to take advantage of our SIP voice service.

Please note, using SIP on your phone relies on the 3rd party app CSipSimple and we do not officially support SIP from mobile clients

We have tested our SIP service with a few Android clients and the best appeared to be CSipSimple

The CSipSimple app can be downloaded from Google Play here

Once its downloaded launch the application and you will see the initial set up screen, the settings displayed below are recommended. Click Save

On the next screen click “Add account” and select Advanced from he Generic Wizards sub menu.

Your account name, caller ID and username are all your SIP account number, also enter in the server and proxy details as below. and click save.

If your settings are correct it should pop up and report registered, when you make a call through your phone you will be prompted if you wish to use IP or mobile.