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We can create reverse-DNS (rDNS) entries for the following services;

  • Business ADSL (20:1)
  • Business ‘Lite’ ADSL (50:1)
  • Wireless Internet Service (10:1)

rDNS entries are not available to residential Manx Broadband customers.

For Wi-Manx to create rDNS entries the following criteria must be met;

  • You must have a working, matching forward lookup record
  • You must be the registered owner or administrator of the domain

Please note – these records are processed manually and may take upto 7 working days to action.

Please contact Wi-Manx technical support to arrange an rDNS entry


  • Wi-Manx do not delegate authority for rDNS entries
  • Each IP address may only have one rDNS record
  • rDNS entries are configured at the discretion of Wi-Manx