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Open up your web browser of choice and navigate to your Router’s configuration web page. This page is available whether you are connected to the internet or not, so if you cannot move your computer to the router, it may be worth moving the router to your computer.

You can find the webpage at the following address (either type it into your address bar or click the link)

The Router will then ask for a userame and password as shown below, the default is

Username: admin
Password: admin

ALL of the below settings are in Advanced mode…

FIRST: It is highly recommended to change the default Admin password to prevent settings from being changed.

Go to Configuration > System > User Management to set your new password.


Before you can schedule the time, first you must check the router’s System Time is correct.

correct time

Once the time has been set correctly, Navigate to Configuration > Time Schedule  to set the times as in the picture below.

You need to set at least two sets of rules and name them for easy reference, for example,

Morning: 12.00am-7.00am – Monday to Friday


Night: 9.00pm-11.59pm – Monday to Friday

time config

Next, navigate to Status > DHCP Table (In Advanced mode) to find the MAC address(es) of the devices you wish to set scheduled access for, and take note for reference. (example ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff )


Then, navigate to Firewall > MAC Filter and add the mac address with both the morning and night settings as in the next image. Once all PC’s have been added with the correct time settings, Under the “Filter Action” at the top of the page, select “Block” and  click “Apply“.

mac filter

This next step is important to ensure the setting are saved properly in the router.

Click “Save Config” at the bottom of the page, then click “Apply” where it says “Write settings to FLASH”


to flash

Please Note: It may take a couple of minutes for the settings to take affect after the scheduled time has arrived.