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Purpose of dialling rules and how to configure them

Multiple telephone numbers are used in the FRITZ!Box when connected to both a fixed-line (PSTN) and VoIP (Wi-Manx) .You can use dialling rules to automatically make outgoing calls using the most economical telephone rate.

A dialling rule defines which telephone number the FRITZ!Box uses for outgoing calls to numbers in a certain number range(for example to mobile telephone numbers),  certain numbers or star services provided by your line provider.

Typical numbers that you may want to use in a dial plan are :

  • 999 – Emergency calls
  • 100 – Local and UK operator
  • 118 – Local Directory Enquiries
  • 121 – Voice-mail
  • 154 – Mobile top up from a Manx Telecom phone
  • 1471 – Call Return

All rules entered are prefixes, (the first part of the number).  The rule 118, would be applied to 118695 for example.

Please note that using 1471 and then pressing “3” to return the call causes the call to be conducted via the land-line.
In order to make the call via Wi-Manx, take note of the number and make a new call (listening out for the double beep for confirmation).

More information about configuring dialling rules are described in the FRITZ!Box’s help page.


6 steps to adding numbers to the dial-plan:

  1. Open the user interface of the FRITZ!Box by entering or in your web browser
  2. Click “Call Handling” in the “Telephony” menu.
  3. Click the “Dialling Rules” tab.
  4. Configure dialling rules as described in the FRITZ!Box help.
  5. For each number you wish to add.  Click “New Dialling Rule” at the bottom of the list, select and enter the following details (for example 1471) :-Area: Number
    Telephone number: 1471
    Connect via: Fixed-Line
  6. Click “OK”


Pre-selection key sequence

An alternative to setting up a dialling rule for each number you wish to use over fixed-line is to use a Pre-selection key sequence.

The Pre-selection key sequence *10# can be used to conduct an outgoing call over the fixed-line at any time, no matter how your telephone is configured in the FRITZ!Box.

For Example: If you would like to call the party with the telephone number 456789, and conduct the call using the fixed-line number. To connect the call, dial: *10#456789